Yo-yo diets increase risk of cardiovascular death after menopause

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Being overweight is, as many studies have shown, very dangerous to health. In addition to different types of cancer, overweight and obesity is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. In the case of women who have passed the menopause and who, therefore, have lost the protection conferred by estrogens to the pathologies of […]

WHO issues a global alert against Zika virus

Category: Antiviral

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued an epidemiological alert against Zika virus in the relation with the increase of newborns with microcephaly. The statement recommends that the 140 member countries implement their strategies for controlling the Aedes aegypti mosquito (tiger mosquito), which transmits the virus, and is the same carrier of dengue. According to […]

Nanodrones to prevent myocardial

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Drones preventing heart attack? That’s right; it is nanodrone (the smaller scale) administering molecules that destroy fat deposits that have formed in the arteries and, according to scientists at Columbia and Harvard University, could become a new way to prevent heart attacks. So far, the study published in “Science Translational Medicine”, have tested these biodegradable […]

The Brain Signals Autism

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The brains of people with autism disorders show unique patterns of synchronization which could be useful for early diagnosis. The brains of people affected by autism spectrum disorder are unique. According to a study unique patterns show synchronization, which could be useful for early diagnosis of the disease and future treatments. In autism spectrum disorders […]

New protein prevents brain damage from pesticides

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A team of researchers from the University of New York (USA) has developed a protein that can counteract the effects of toxic chemicals, including pesticides, to prevent brain damage. The key of the work is based on detoxification of organophosphates. Those compounds commonly used in pesticides and chemical weapons that can cause permanent damage to […]

Some aspects of tamsulosin use

Category: Men's Health

Tamsulosin is a so-called. “Alpha-1-receptor blockers“. This Alpha-1 receptors are, inter alia, be the bladder outlet muscle. They are blocked, the tone is (voltage) of the muscle drain less, you can get better despite increased prostate water. An effect on the prostate, the agent but not! Tamsulosin decreased within certain limits the blood pressure. It […]

When the joints start to disturb

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And as statistics show, complaining about joints getting more people – unfortunately, our lifestyle is not conducive to their hygiene. So what to do to make them long been effective? And especially: what not to do? Bothersome joint pain affects only seniors? It’s a myth. Today we complain about not half of us, including a […]

Arterial hypertension – When we pay special attention to symptoms

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Symptoms of cardiovascular heart disease are often initially underestimated. If you experience any of the symptoms described below, do not hesitate to visit a doctor – most effectively treat the disease in their early stages. To detect discrete symptoms beginning of cardiovascular disease should be regularly subjected to periodic inspections. The headache is often the […]

Benefits of using dutasteride/tamsulosin in Men With BPH

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The original article:http://rxwebdrugs.com/…benefits-in-men-with-bph/ Dutasteride (brand name: Avodart), dual acting 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor in combination with alpha blocker tamsulosin (brand name: Flomax) have sown perfect results in continuous improvement in men with BPH and in patient-reported quality of life. Jack Barkin, Assistant Professor of Surgery in the University of Toronto with his colleagues made a study, […]

Prostatitis – the main cause of male infertility

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Unfortunately, most men believe that infertility is exclusively a female problem, and naively believe that the main feature of male fertility is an ejaculation. However, the sad statistics says that the cause of infertile marriages in 50% is due to male infertility, which may arise not only in middle-aged patients, but also among very young […]