Prostatitis – the main cause of male infertility

Category: Men's Health

Unfortunately, most men believe that infertility is exclusively a female problem, and naively believe that the main feature of male fertility is an ejaculation.

However, the sad statistics says that the cause of infertile marriages in 50% is due to male infertility, which may arise not only in middle-aged patients, but also among very young males. Treatment of prostatitis, in this case, is obligatory for every man, concerned about their health and the future of their offspring.

Urogenital disease is considered to be the main cause of male infertility and it may also occur because of acute or chronic prostatitis. The main function of the prostate – is the development of prostatic juice, which normally constitutes about thirty percent of the sperm. Juice of a healthy male prostate provides alkaline reaction which neutralizes the acidic vaginal environment and ensures the motor activity of sperm.

When prostatic gland develops an inflammatory process, first of all, there is poor blood circulation in the male genitals which develops malnutrition seminiferous tubules of the testes, which are the reservoir for the storage of sperm. Due to this reason there is decrease in concentration of the male germ cells as well as appear abnormal sperm appears in seminal secretions.

In the subsequent development of the pathological process in the ejaculate appears a large number of white blood cells, which is a consequence of inflammation affecting the quality of the sperm and its ability to fertilize the egg. Some experts believe that the white blood cells, the number of which in the disease in the juice prostatitis prostate increased almost two times, produce free oxygen, having damaging effects on male reproductive cells. Because of this there is a decrease survival and normal sperm activity. Enzymatic activity reduces and pH of the sperm changes. That is why chronic prostatitis often entails the development of male infertility.

In the case when a patient is diagnosed chronic long untreated bacterial prostatitis, prostatic tissue occurs scarring. Formed scars cover the deferent ducts and prevent sperm from entering the seminal fluid. This condition develops due to changes in semen quality parameters, which is why the immune system reacts to her as a foreign agent.

In the absence of adequate and timely treatment duration of the current chronic prostatitis causes various sexual disorders, the most terrible of which are erectile dysfunction and impotence.