Benefits of using dutasteride/tamsulosin in Men With BPH

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Dutasteride (brand name: Avodart), dual acting 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor in combination with alpha blocker tamsulosin (brand name: Flomax) have sown perfect results in continuous improvement in men with BPH and in patient-reported quality of life.

Jack Barkin, Assistant Professor of Surgery in the University of Toronto with his colleagues made a study, involved 4,800 men with moderate to severe BPH. The men were given dutasteride/tamsulosin combination, only dutasteride and the third group – tamsulosin monotherapy during four weeks.

The trial reviled that combination of Avodart and Flomax had much more improved symptoms and flow rate than results in men having single drug treatment.

After 3th month of combinational treatment patients found it significantly greater than the dutasteride therapy and from 9th month better than tamsulosin.

Dr. Barkin said this was the first trial demonstrating the significant benefits of the combinational treatment with a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor and alpha blocker, improving patient-reported quality of life.

BPH is a progressive and annoying disease having a considerable bed impact on quality of life. Botheing and interfering with daily activities are the main causes for BPH patients to run for healthcare. benign prostatic hyperplasia affects about 50% of men after 50, and almost 90% of men after 80.

The study was sponsored by GSK.