Some aspects of tamsulosin use

Category: Men's Health

Tamsulosin is a so-called. “Alpha-1-receptor blockers“. This Alpha-1 receptors are, inter alia, be the bladder outlet muscle. They are blocked, the tone is (voltage) of the muscle drain less, you can get better despite increased prostate water. An effect on the prostate, the agent but not!

Tamsulosin decreased within certain limits the blood pressure. It may cause discomfort and dizziness especially at the beginning. Also problems in the gastrointestinal tract (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation) may occur occasionally be mentioned. Rarely there are skin reactions or a delayed ejaculation.

I would stop the medicine in your place not immediately inform the urologist about this side effect (it is also interesting for him to know), and wait a few more days (1-2Wochen). Should no improvement occur, you have to think about alternatives. Especially when tamsulosin side effects, however, are quite clear at the beginning, but then take off slowly!