Month: December, 2015

14 Dec 2015

WHO issues a global alert against Zika virus

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued an epidemiological alert against Zika virus in the relation with the increase of newborns with microcephaly. The statement recommends that the 140 member countries implement their strategies for controlling the Aedes aegypti mosquito (tiger mosquito), which transmits the virus, and is the same carrier of dengue. According to […]

01 Dec 2015

Nanodrones to prevent myocardial

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Drones preventing heart attack? That’s right; it is nanodrone (the smaller scale) administering molecules that destroy fat deposits that have formed in the arteries and, according to scientists at Columbia and Harvard University, could become a new way to prevent heart attacks. So far, the study published in “Science Translational Medicine”, have tested these biodegradable […]